Vert Shock Review – A Vertical Jump Enactment Program by Adam Folker
The Vert Shock is a methodically designed program by Adam Folker that guarantees to enhance vertical jump of every player in the basketball game. The correct practice and follow-up of this program will add 9 to 15 inches in the vertical jump by enhancing the overall tone of the muscles as well as skin. The exhilarating point about Vert Shock is that the players who already have a good beginning such as a jump up to 40 inches, they can also improve the height of their vertical jump.

How does Vert Shock Work?

The overall vertical jump training program is planned in different sections to improve the user’s vertical jump. In the workout chart, Adam explains the routine of fitness in detail so that the users can make good progress in the development of muscles as well as training. In the diet part, Adam gives explanation to comprehend the foods that play a vital role in increasing strength and vitality. You can also have 1-on-1 communication session with Adam through emails. So you can share your concerns and queries with Adam any time you need and you will be answered by him personally.

Adam Folker, the creator of Vert Shock, is an expert focused on vertical jump training and reveal deeply the techniques to do it more effectively. He has put together all his experience and useful information in the form of this Vert Shock.

Bonuses with Vert Shock

With purchase of the program, every buyer will also get 4 relevant bonus products. The 4 bonuses are as follows;

  1. 4 Vertical Jump Killers
  2. 5 Dirty Secrets To Jumping Higher
  3. Weekly Check-Ins
  4. Jumper's Diet Checklist
These bonuses will make the overall results much better.

  • The program is based on standard information and offers vital information about the role of nutrition.
  • Adam also offers one-on-one counseling to the users.
  • The program is fully backed by 60-day money back guarantee.
  • Every workout is well explained in a video so there is no chance of performing any workout wrongly.
  • The success stories on the official website of Vert Shock ensure that it is an effective program.
  • The complete Vert Shock program is instantly accessible as it has been created in digital format.

Last Words

The Vert Shock program is perfect for the ones who have good health and are deeply willingly to add a few more inches in their vertical jump. Adam Folker ensures the success of the results and gives 100% money guarantee as well.